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I  jumped on the fluted sleeve bandwagon at the weekend. I had a feeling it wouldn't take me long to join the crew, I mean every time someone popped up on Instagram wearing one I was like "yes I need to get some of that in my life" so last Thursday whilst perusing the rails in Topshop I came across this pink flutey beauty and also another black one which I will show you next time.  If you're wondering why most of my wardrobe comes from Topshop it is because I live in Cornwall and quite frankly apart from New Look and Primark, Topshop is the only other high street store available to us........thats right we don't have the likes of H&M, Zara, Oasis, Warehouse, John Lewis, House of Fraser if we want any of those stores its an hour and a half journey to Exeter!

Anyway enough ranting and back to the flutey beauty - It cost £29 and feels so gorgeously soft. I paired it with my coated Joni Jeans and Dune boots for an evening at Chiquitos for my best friends birthday. It was my first time trying Chiquitos......it was goooooood!

I definitely need it in powder blue too don't I? If you tell me I do then I do :-)

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I have this little ritual that I do every day after tidying away my dinner dishes......lighting candles. I love the warm calming glow that a candle gives off which then eminates through to your body giving you that warm fuzzy feeling and creating that classic hygge atmosphere. Throw a beautiful fresh scent into the mix and a lovely soft blanket and your just maximising the cosy feels!

I was very fortunate to receive a beautiful Imperial Candle recently from the lovely Lauren in the scent Green Tea and Lemon. Now first off I just need to stress how incredibly fresh and light this candle smells. It's quite literally the perfect spring fragrance. I've been lighting it every day and am really enjoying how clean and fresh it is making my house smell.....mmmm lemony fresh!

But this isn't just any candle though, oh no! Each candle is hand poured using the finest soy wax, it has a 120 hour burn time and it doesn't end there, each candle has a a little surprise hidden inside in the form of a jewell. I'm excited to see what piece of jewellery I have waiting for me. It could be anything ranging from £10-£2000 you just keep burning until you reach your little foil package and then reveal your hidden item of jewellery. Its like an adult version of a Kinder Surprise (although I still love Kinder eggs at the ripe age of 33). They do bath bombs too with the same concept. Such a lovely idea.

There are so many lovely scents to choose from, I quite like the sound of Peony & Pomegranate for another nice spring/summer scent.

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Don't you dare get mud on my trousers Maisy!
Top-ASOS (short sleeve version here)

1. These Jeggings 
I bought these these jeggings from Primark for a whopping £6 a few weeks ago and literally every time I wear them someone comments on how lovely they are, and I have to agree they are simply lovely. They are comfy, fit perfect and are the nicest colour (I have them in a light olive green colour also) I had intended to wear them just for work but I've been wearing them everywhere

2.  Alone Time
I love nothing more than spending time with friends and family but it is equally important to spend time alone. This week on my days off i've been enjoying doing things for myself and on my own, like putting on my headphones and going for a run, having a long soak in the bath with my book, drinking coffee in a beach cafe, walking along the beach

3.  Spring Blooms
I just have to mention the fact that there are daffodils, tulips and hyacinths everywhere. This has put me in the best mood ever and has brightened every corner of my home

4.  Celebrity Big Brother
OMG this is soooooo good this year. I am literally obsessed. They have some really fiery characters in there this year......a lot of them i'd never heard of (Stacy/Jessica/James C) I'm team Speidi all the way. But Kim Woodburn........she is something else isn't she! And i'm actually a little gutted that Chloe has been evicted, she was so entertaining.


1. Fraud
I had a call on Wednesday to say that my credit card had been used to place 8 orders online amounting to just under £4000! These orders were clearly NOT placed by me and I then had the palaver of sorting this out with the bank.  Thankfully it has all been sorted and refunded now but it just

2. Stupidity 
I don't really know why I'm about to admit to this but on Tuesday morning whilst I was in the shower I had just finished washing my body and then got what I thought was my cleanser and started to massage it into my face only to realise I was massaging Femfresh into my face........my skin has never felt better though, so every cloud and all that.

3. January
Its just such a long, cold, rubbish month isn't is! Roll on February, I'm ready to celebrate Fletcher's 5th birthday and not celebrate valentines day

4.Being Pale
I need to get some fake tan back in my life. I'm definitely getting my tan on later this evening. I always feel so much better with a little bit of colour.

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It will probably come as no surprise to you that I love to visit the beach. I'm very fortunate to live in Cornwall, home to over 400 beaches and I love nothing more than spending the day at the beach. I've been trying to visit the beach as much as possible throughout the winter months. There's something about the sea air thats so comforting and I nearly always get a better nights sleep after a day by the seaside.

Its so easy to just stay in and cosy up at home under a duvet when the days are cold and grey but i've never really been one to just stay at home all day, I get cabin fever and just HAVE to get out and get some fresh air. Plus for me getting a steady dose of vitamin D is so important, it boosts the immune system helping to prevent diseases, fights depression and just generally makes you feel happier and I am all about being happy.

So this past weekend we visited 2 seaside towns. First up is Porthleven which is near Helston. The weather was perfect, it was sunny but crisp cold and the clouds made for some very moody shots across the horizon. I feel like Porthleven is one of those under rated towns, its so pretty and although it doesn't have the same things to offer as St Ives it is equally as beautiful and has some really cute little cafes, a harbour and a lovely shingle beach and there are definitely less seagulls there than St Ives.

Porthleven Harbour
Porthleven Harbour
porthleven cornwall
porthleven cornwall
Porthleven Harbour
Porthleven Harbour
rays of sun over sea
Pretty chuffed with this shot. I always like to think that the rays of sun are taking up the souls of those that died at sea.
Beach Cornwall
Porthleven Beach
Bay View Porthleven
Bay View Porthleven
Next up is a more well known beach, Perranporth. This is a MASSIVE beach on the north coast and is very busy in the summer hence why I tend to visit it more in the winter.  I did my best to be "Fun Mum" and played a game of catch ball with those velcro thingys. It was bloody freezing but I stayed warm with my furry hooded coat and trusty leather gloves (my christmas present from Fletcher).  Perran does have the most beautiful golden sand and a great beach cafe called The Watering Hole   which we stopped in to warm up with a hot chocolate.
Perranporth Beach
Perranporth Beach
Watering Hole
Beach Games
Hot Chocolate
Now my question is..........which beach do I visit next weekend?
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I love nothing more than a good nights sleep and the majority of the time I do manage to get a good nights sleep. But there are times when it just takes a little while longer to drift off, usually when I'm going through a stressful or worrying period. 

I thought I would share the steps I use to drift off to a really peaceful sleep. Now I don't do this whole routine every night but there are aspects of it that I do every night.
I love to start the evening off with a nice warm bubble bath. I usually chuck a lush bath bomb in there, grab my book or iPad and just chill out for 20 minutes. Sometimes I'll smother a face mask all over my face whilst i'm in there. Then I get into my comfy clothes.
Ahhhhh bedtime yoga is the absolute best. I always follow Adriene's videos when i'm doing yoga from home. I get a blanket, light a candle, get some water and just breath and stretch for 20 minutes. It's brilliant for settling any anxiety or stress and it keeps you limber.
I know, I know, I'm a total granny but I drink a cup of Horlicks every night and I have done for about 3 years now. Whether it actually helps me sleep I don't know but I do always feel sleepy about 30 minutes after drinking it so I think it works. Its packed full of vitamins too so I like to think its helping my body in some way. If I can't have Horlicks then I'll happily have a cup of warm milk (like a 2 year old, yes!)
Probably the most important thing for me is to have a tidy bedroom. I simply cannot settle if I have mess and clutter around me so I make sure everything is tidied away before climbing into bed. I turn the lights down and also like to light my This Works Deep Sleep candle and spray my pillow with the pillow spray.
Another thing that I do every night is read. I find it really helps to switch my mind off because you have to be fully present when you read a book to understand the story and I absolutely love it when I get totally lost in a book. It does unfortunately sometimes lead me to go to bed late because I get a bit too engrossed.......(just one more chapter)

If i'm finding it particularly hard to drift off I pop on my SleepPhones and turn on my Headspace app. I love this app so much. I do try and practice mindfulness every day and Take 10 just really helps to focus on the moment rather than think about what I need to do the following day or dwell on the mistakes I made in the past.

How do you drift off? Do you have any other tips to share?

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I'm always a little wary when it comes to giving Fletcher juice. It's the sugar content that always worries me. He's diabetic you see (if you didn't already know that), so I always look for something that's low in carbohydrates but big in flavour and most fruit juices have so much sugar in them that I tend to avoid them like the plague. Fletcher however thinks that any drink that comes in a bottle is the best things on earth, like its a bottle of magic or something and I'm not one to deprive him of these small little joys that "ordinary" children would just drink to their hearts content.

I was very kindly sent some juices from Benson's for Fletcher to try out. He was absolutely delighted that he would have SO MANY bottles of magic to try. So a couple of weeks ago after a strenuous walk up to Carn Brea Castle I let him loose on the Juice! It's safe to say they are a big hit with the little man (and the older mama too), Orange & Apple is a firm favourite.

What I really love about Joosed is that they have no added sugar and the juice is mixed with spring water which actually makes them lower in carbohydrates that your average run of the mill fruit juice (perfect for my little diabetic). They are also free from preservatives and artificial flavours so you know you're only getting the good stuff......simple. The other good news is that they are available to buy at Waitress (very posh hey). Aaaaaaand they are one of your five a day. WINNER!

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