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Boots - Old New Look

I've had these little booties for as long as I can remember..........ok since 2011! I will never forget it was Laura from buynowbloglater that featured them on her blog and I knew there and then that I needed to buy them. Isn't it funny how someone simply posting a picture of an item they have bought can persuade you to go out and buy it for yourself. The powers of social media hey.  Anyhow seeing as you can no longer buy these booties any longer here is another similar pair from ASOS which are currently in the sale.

I currently look nothing like I do in this photo though, i'm having a bit of a dressed down Sunday, hair is piled ontop of my head, minimal make up. The weather is abysmal today so we're having a day of snuggling under blankets, we've already watched the Lego Movie and we're now catching up on The Jump.  Just when I was starting to get excited for Spring the stupid bloody rain came and ruined my vibe. DAMN YOU RAIN!

Keep Smiling


Parka : Hollister (Sold Out)
Knit : Marks & Spencer

When it comes to fashion I know what I like and I kinda stick to it. You'll nearly always find me in some sort of variation of skinny jeans and a cosy knit throughout the autumn/winter months. It's like my fail safe, I know it works, I won't stand out from the crowd and will hopefully just blend in with all the other Cornish folk. I usually team it with a pair of ankle boots, trainers or converse but today I threw in a bit of leopard print as I am just in love with these loafers so much (and I fake tanned the evening before so my feet weren't too pale haha)

I am however excited for Spring/Summer because I feel you can be much more diverse with your fashion choices. There are just so many options when the weather is warm, skirts, shorts, dungarees, camis, playsuits, cropped trousers,jumpsuits, sandals (oh I can't to get my toes out, i'm defo buying a pair of Saltwaters this year).

I really want to try and be more adventurous with my fashion this Spring/Summer.  For example I don't own a jumpsuit and I really want to add this to my wardrobe this year. Can you tell I'm excited for Winter to be over :-) I absolutely adore this poppy jumpsuit by Warehouse.

Keep Smiling


I get quite a lot of questions about my hair. Mostly about what products I use and what I use to style it. Before I get into what I use on my hair I thought I'd tell you a little bit about my hair history.

So I was born with absolutely no hair at all, I was completely bald and was humungous with purple skin, I was the ugliest baby you've ever laid eyes on......I really do feel for my mum, it must have been so embarrassing for her. Thankfully I grew into my skin and didn't stay massive for long and when I did finally grow some hair it was pure blonde. Over time my hair started to get a little darker and by the time I was about 10 my hair had gone from white blonde to dark ash blonde.

At the age of about 14 I started experimenting with my hair and got some highlights put in and from that point onwards I changed my hair colour quite often. I've been every colour from black to super super blonde. My hair is very thick and if left to dry naturally will dry wavy but when blow dried it just dries straight.
 Peroxide Blonde on my wedding day (22  years old)
This is how my hair dries naturally
Almost black hair
Short n Sweet

About 2 years or so ago I decided I wanted to grow out my hair to its natural colour. I'd been having balayage on my hair and so my root colour was already natural anyway so I just left it to grow out. After a while I got fed up of having blonde ends and dark roots and so put an ashy semi permanent dye just on the ends of my hair to try and match my natural colour. This worked well and I still do this every so often.  I use Clairol Nice n Easy in the shade 90 dark ash blonde and I'd say its the closest to my natural colour.

When it comes to washing my hair I don't really stay loyal to any particular brand of shampoo or conditioner. For me its all about the smell and I have a few favourites but I do alternate all the time. I'm currently using an old classic - Herbal Essences and it smells beautiful.  A few other favourites are:

After brushing through my hair with my tangle teezer I then add a little Wella Smoothing Oil to the ends of my hair and then just blast it dry by tipping my head upside down. Sometimes I just leave my hair like this but if i'm going to style it I will grab my trusty 14 year old GHD's (not even lying they are that old) and pop some loose waves into my hair. I then follow this up with a shake of Got2b Powderful volume powder to the roots of my hair to add some volume as I do lack volume at the root and a spritz of Loreal Wild Stylers Next Day Hair  - this stuff is incredible if you can get your hands on it, it gives incredible texture to waves. And lastly a spray of Got2be Glued Hairspray  to keep it all in place.

So there we have it. I hope you enjoyed hearing all about my hair! I would love to hear if any of you have any root boosting recommendations? 
Keep Smiling