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I am so incredibly excited about the summer holidays this year and I'm not entirely sure why. I mean we've already had our family holiday to Portugal so its not as if I have that to look forward to. I think its just the fact that we have 6 weeks to play with. I'm really hoping for plenty of beach days, coastal walks, making the most of our National Trust membership and attempting to keep everything alive in my garden apart from the weeds, although I seem to be particularly good at keeping them alive.

Speaking of gardening. I feel like each year that passes I get a little bit better at this gardening malarky. Don't get me wrong I still forget to water my plants on occasions and don't even get me started on the slugs LOVING my Dahlias.....I must remember to keep topping up the slug pellets. But all of the above pictures were taken in my garden and I'm pretty proud of my David Austin Olivia Rose which is just about to flower for the third time this summer!

A few things I'm planning to do this summer include:

- Go to the beach
- Picnic in the park
- BBQ with friends
- Drinks in a beer garden
- Go away in the camper van
- Try a new watersport
- Use my National Trust membership as much as possible
- Go on a bike ride
- Read a book in my deckchair
- Eat ice-cream
- Visit the farmers market and pick up some local produce

Wishing you all the best summer ever!

Keep Smiling



Top - Primark//Jeans - Gap//Flip Flops - Havaianas 

It's safe to say i've been feeling pretty shit about myself these past few days. I can't really put my finger on what triggered it but I would hazard a guess that its a mix of the holiday blues, time of the month and the grey drizzly days we've been having.

We came back from Portugal on Tuesday evening and after a pretty good nights sleep we woke to another beautiful sunny day so I managed to catch up on my laundry and then lie out in the sun for a good portion of the day, Wednesday was a pretty good day. I'd say the crappy feeling started to happen on Thursday afternoon and then just spiralled from there. Literally everything was getting on my nerves. The house was a shit hole with remnants of our holiday in every room, our Dyson hoover stinks of dog shit so every time you use it it smells like the dog took a crap in the room, I felt plain ugly, hot and irritable. I was continuously being asked questions from Fletcher which I just couldn't be arsed to answer. I even had to take a little break from Instagram because I felt like my feed looked so rubbish compared to everyone else and I literally had nothing to talk about other than how crap I felt which I didn't want to do. After obsessing about it I decided I just needed to stop looking at it and do you know what, the break was just what I needed. It was also nice to still have 88% battery before going to bed haha.

Im slowly getting back to feeling my normal chirpy self but I just felt like I needed to share with you that I also have off days.  The little things that really helped me to get out of this funk were:

1. Music - Namely Paulo Nutini Pencil Full of Lead, that song never fails to cheer me up
2. Dancing - I love love love dancing to anything, anywhere. Zumba on Thursday is my sanctuary
3. Smiling/Laughing - Even if you don't feel like smiling it really is a mood lifter
4. Getting outside - Even if it is drizzly rain and your son wants to go to the park
5. Roobis Tea - Its soothing, delicious and caffeine free
6. Headspace app - Taking 10 minutes out of your day to be mindful is always a good idea
7. Getting my hair done - Nothing gives you a boost like getting your hair done
8. Bath and Book - Pure relaxation
9. Cooking - I cooked a delicious butternut squash chilli from Clean Eating Alice
10. New sports gear - The brighter the better

I'm hoping being back at work is going to get some structure back into my life (ever the optimist, trying to find a positive of going back to work)

Keep Smiling


"What's for tea"  That's the first question that Fletcher asks me when he gets home from school every day. Now I don't know about you, but I struggle so bad with deciding what to have for dinner. I nearly always stick with the same sort of food week in and week out. Thankfully HelloFresh have taken the hard work out of deciding what to cook with their new Flavour Generator. Its a very clever littlew tool that picks a recipe based on what kind of food you fancy.

Last week I fancied Italian.......ok ok most nights I fancy Italian but I would ordinarily just go for a pasta dish but the Flavour Generator pushed me out of my comfort zone and convinced me to try the Chimichurri Steak with potatoes and baby spinach, something I never would have ever thought to make. Mmmmmm.
It's so easy to use (try it here) simply pick the food you like between Italian, Mexican, British, Indian and Middle Eastern and then what you fancy from spicy, sweet, tangy, herby press the generator button or you can pull the lever, whatever takes your fancy.  I like pulling the lever because it's like winning a prize every time. If the recipes that they suggest don't tickle your pickle then don't panic you can simply spin again until you find something you like the look/sound of.

Having used HelloFresh before I already know that their recipes are really easy to follow.  Once you've got all your ingredients together it's just a case of following the simple step by step recipe and it really is as easy as that. What I love about the HelloFresh recipes is that most of them are quick and this meal was super quick (about 25 mins) and easy to make and was very tasty as well as healthy. I can see me using the Flavour Generator every day at this rate!

So what are YOU having for tea tonight?

Keep Smiling